Football How To Drive Block

What is a Drive Block in Football?

A drive block in football is a technique used mainly by offensive linemen to push back defensive linemen in close quarters. The drive block is used to push the defense back, open up runs, gain yardage, and make more room for the offense to operate. This type of block is usually used in tightly aligned plays or in man coverage that calls for more physicality and force.

The drive block is one of the most powerful and useful methods of blocking and is vital for every offensive linemen to have in their arsenal. This technique is most effective when used by large, strong, and aggressive linemen. The drive block is also sometimes referred to as the base block.


Proper technique is extremely important for the drive block to be most effective. First, begin in a good 3-point stance, making sure that you are well balanced. Next, step out of your stance so that your shoulders, feet, and hips are squared, and you are facing the defender head on. Keep your knees bent and load your power into your legs. Make sure to have your elbows in tight and aligned with your hips. Now extend your arms directly forward into the defender and explode in their direction; your arms should go right into their chest below their shoulder pads. Drive forward with as much force as possible to push the defender back, remembering to stay lower than the defender and maintaining a balanced base. Push your hips upward and use as much strength as possible to move the defender wherever you want. You have now mastered the drive block!