Football How To Burst

What is Burst in Football?

Running backs are measured in football with a couple of different performance statistics. Burst is one of those measurements, and it counts how quickly a football player can speed up. In other words, how quickly a player can start running from a stopped position.

You can imagine it as the 'burst' of a gun firing, and it is used to refer to someone's explosiveness.

How do you get Burst?

Just like any other physical trait, burst can be acquired or bettered. The best way to do so is to increase the strength of fast-twitch muscles. Those are what control the ability to take off quickly. Various leg exercises can help that happen. Squats, burpees, and box jumps are all excellent ways to help you get a better burst speed.

How does Burst Help in Football?

Burst is extremely useful in the sport of football, the faster you can get to where you want to go, the better chance you have of scoring a touchdown. For example, in the running game in football offensive lines try to create gaps for the running back to run through. Those gaps do not stay open very long, so it is important for the running back to be able to accelerate to get to the hole as quickly as possible.

How is Burst Measured?

Burst is measured as a score. It is calculated by adding up both vertical jump and broad jump distances. The thought is that the ability to jump correlates with the fast-twitch muscles of stopping and starting quickly.

NFL Combine

The number one place where burst is measured is at the NFL Combine. Incoming rookies get their measurements in an attempt to showcase their abilities and get drafted. Burst happens to be one of the criteria that they are graded on.

Who are Some Players in Football with Good Burst?

Notable players with a high amount of burst are Tyreek Hill, Ezekial Elliott, and Todd Gurley. Each one of them can reach their top speed in a matter of a second.