Football How To Base Block

What is base block in football?

Base block, which can be also called drive block, is a blocking technique used by the offensive line players. The technique is used in man-on-man blocking and gap blocking, and it's one of the most basic and important fundamentals for offensive linemen. The base block relies a lot on pure strength and power gained by the player's movement after the snap to keep the defensive linemen away from the ball.

How to do a good base block

The power necessary to execute a good base block is achieved by a well trained base block movement, and so It is necessary for offensive line players of all levels to practice and perfect their base block movement. The base block starts before the snap, with a player's initial stance. The lineman must start from a three-point stance, with wide, squared up feet; a flat back, bent knees, firm hips, and a whole lot of will to block the opponent. After the snap, the player must lunge forward, with his arms upfront. The force will be mostly generated in the second step, where the player gains ground and uses leg and hip strength to hit the opponent's body. The blocked player will naturally respond and push back, so in order to not lose balance the offensive player must also have good footwork, taking short and quick steps.

football base blocking