How Much Does The Super Bowl Winner Get?

How Much Does the Super Bowl Winner Get

Playing in the Super Bowl is not only the chance of a lifetime for football players, but it is also a very lucrative aspect of the game. Both the winners and losers get a decent sized bonus for being in the Super Bowl. The players don’t even need to touch the field to leave with the cash because everyone on the roster gets a bonus.

How Much Money Do Super Bowl Winners Get?

Winning the Super Bowl is something that not even many Hall of Famers have achieved. Those Hall of Famers also did not receive the hefty bonus that comes along with it. In 2022, the Super Bowl-winning LA Rams received a bonus of $130,000 just for being on the roster. That number is set to go up for the 2023 Super Bowl and will sit at $157,000 per player. 

While this might not seem like much to NFL players, to some it is a lot. Some quarterbacks can receive large bonuses that amount to around 20% of their yearly salary for going to the Super Bowl.

How Much Do the Super Bowl Losers Get?

The Super Bowl is such a large event that even losing the Super Bowl will get you a bonus. While many of the players on the losing team are not thinking about their bank accounts right after the game, they are still getting paid. As per the NFL’s bargaining agreement with the NFL Player Association, the losing team is set to make half of what the winning team makes. That would mean that players on the losing team for the 2023 Super Bowl are going to make $78,500.

Contract Incentives

While everyone on the 53-man roster gets a bonus for winning or losing the Super Bowl, there are some players who have incentives in their contracts for playing in the Big Game. For example, Jimmy Garoppolo, who was in trade talk for most of the 2022 offseason, signed a contract to play with the 49ers for one season. While he knew that he would be the backup quarterback, he was smart and still added incentives to his contract. In his contract, it states that if he plays 50% of the offensive snaps in the Super Bowl, he will receive a $1,000,000 incentive. That would be on top of the $157,000 bonus he would get for just winning the Super Bowl. That million would still be made if he lost the Super Bowl.

There are many players that have similar incentives. Patrick Mahomes, for the rest of his long contract, is going to make $1,250,000 every time he makes the Super Bowl. This is regardless of the outcome of the Super Bowl.


How much does the winner of the Super Bowl get?

Super Bowl winners receive $157,000 per player in 2023. With a 53-man roster, the team is getting an extra $8,321,000 for winning the Super Bowl.

Do coaches get a bonus for winning the Super Bowl?

Coaches do not have an automatic bonus like players do for winning the Super Bowl. However, many do have an incentive for winning the Super Bowl in their contracts.