How Much Do Sugar Bowl Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Sugar Bowl Tickets Cost

The cost of purchasing tickets to attend the Sugar Bowl varies each year. The Sugar Bowl is a postseason college football game played in New Orleans, Louisiana around December 31 every year. As one of the New Year’s Six, it is a highly anticipated game every college football season, so tickets to the Sugar Bowl or other similar bowl games can be quite pricey. Tickets for the 2022 Sugar Bowl, which features Alabama Crimson Tide and Kansas State Wildcats, range from $46 to $929 depending on the location of seats. The Sugar Bowl is one of the most sought-after college football games, so tickets quickly sell out. However, many are re-sold through Ticketmaster with a significant upcharge.

Where to Purchase Sugar Bowl Tickets

College football fans can purchase tickets to the Sugar Bowl through the official Allstate Sugar Bowl website, which is connected to Ticketmaster. Verified resale tickets are also sold through this website, too, so fans can even grab some last-minute tickets. All tickets are now available via mobile, so fans don’t need to fret about forgetting to bring physical tickets to the game with them. All attendees have to do is download their tickets on their phones, and they’re good to go!

Resale tickets can get quite expensive, especially depending on the location of seats in the stadium. When planning to attend the Sugar Bowl, it is best to purchase tickets through the official website as soon as tickets are available in order to secure the lowest price. Ticket prices, of course, vary each year. For the 2022 Sugar Bowl, tickets are offered as low as $46, which makes attending this game quite affordable.

The Cost of Attending the Sugar Bowl

Besides purchasing tickets, fans attending the Sugar Bowl can receive discounted hotel rates via the official Allstate Sugar Bowl website. These hotels include AC New Orleans French Quarter, Ace Hotel, Aloft, Blake Hotel, Bourbon Orleans, Courtyard Marriott (Downtown/French Quarter), Courtyard Marriott (French Quarter/Iberville), Courtyard Marriott (Warehouse Arts), Four Points French Quarter, Four Seasons, Higgins Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn Convention Center, and many more. Hotel prices for these dates on average range from $222 per night to $708 per night. Booking a hotel way in advance will help fans lock in the best price.

All in all, attending the Sugar Bowl game can be quite pricey. However, if fans purchase tickets and reserve hotel rooms early on (as well as attend with a large group), then attending the game won’t be nearly as costly. Overall, the experience of attending the Sugar Bowl is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a great way to see your favorite football team compete against one of the other best teams in all of college football.