How Much Do Fiesta Bowl Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Fiesta Bowl Tickets Cost

The Fiesta Bowl is a prestigious college football postseason competition that pits two of the best teams against one another for the Fiesta Bowl trophy. As one of the New Year’s Six bowls, the game’s alternates every three years as a semifinal game in the College Football Playoff, with the winner heading to the National Championship game.

Arizona’s Phoenix metropolitan area hosts the bowl and has been doing so since 1971. Over the past few years, the Fiesta Bowl has been held at State Farm Stadium. The two teams, chosen by the CFP Selection Committee, go head-to-head in the fight to make college football history.

How Much Do Fiesta Bowl Tickets Cost?

After all that talk about making football history, you might be a little intrigued as to how much these tickets can go for. The truth is that Fiesta Bowl ticket prices vary from $100 to multiple thousands of dollars. Therefore, explaining how much they cost isn’t as easy as simply spitting out a number, but throughout this article, we’ll give you price ranges and places you can go to learn more. Buying stadium tickets for the Fiesta Bowl is fast and easy, so don’t stress that much! Below, we’ll explain where you can get the cheapest and most expensive tickets, what buying multiple tickets is like, and what discounts are available.

Cheaper Tickets

Although they may not be the best seats, cheaper tickets allow you to have a great college football experience while still staying within your financial means. Lower-priced tickets sell for anywhere from $100 to $600. You can buy cheaper tickets on many websites; here are just a few:

  • Gametime: You can select low-priced or high-priced tickets and the number of people for whom you wish to buy tickets. The cheapest tickets for one person go for $300 to $600.
  • Ticketmaster: Has similar selection options as Gametime, but it also offers the buying of previously bought tickets called resale tickets; these tickets can cost as low as $100 per person.
  • Seat Geek: Sells cheap top-row tickets for as inexpensive as $400.

Note that tickets priced this cheap often mean sitting in the stadium’s top rows.

Expensive Tickets

If you are looking for box tickets, endzone, 50-yard line, or the absolute best seats, you will have to spend a bit more. Expensive tickets can be bought from all the sites listed above, but they go anywhere from $1000 to $5,500 each. These seats are usually in a cozy box, right next to the field, or at the very end of the first upper-stadium row overlooking the field.

Buying Multiple Tickets

All the ticket prices listed above are for one person only. If you wish to buy tickets for multiple people so that you can sit together, the price per person increases slightly. For example, similar seats that cost $368 for one person on Gametime cost $381 each when paying for multiple people. On Ticketmaster, the cheapest tickets for one person cost about $104. But, if you select the option to buy two tickets, the cheapest tickets cost $174 each. Tickets this cheap, however, are resale tickets.


You can buy resale tickets on Ticketmaster for a much lower price. However, sites like Gametime also offer sales and deals. These discounts can be as much as 20% off or more!

You can also participate in online auctions or buy discounted tickets through eBay.