How Much Do Cotton Bowl Tickets Cost?

The Cotton Bowl is a postseason college football game. It is one of the New Year’s Six bowls which rotate as Semifinal games. As of 2023, Cotton Bowl tickets start at $94 for the least expensive seats. The most expensive Cotton Bowl tickets are listed at $2,895.

Ticket Prices

Cotton Bowl ticket prices vary widely based on many factors. For example, seats just behind the sideline, or in private clubs or boxes, can change hands for several thousand dollars. Conversely, tickets in the upper reaches of AT&T Stadium can be had for around a hundred dollars, or sometimes less. Also, the timing of the purchase can have a large effect on the price of the ticket. When sales first begin, the least expensive seats for the Cotton Bowl are generally about $50. As resellers and other brokers begin to buy up tickets, the price will likely continue to increase. As a result, those purchasing tickets within the weeks leading up to the game will have to pay a higher price than those who bought as early as possible.

Many fans do not want to buy tickets until they know which teams will be playing, but waiting will often cause them to pay a higher price for their tickets. However, there have been instances where ticket prices dropped shortly before the game, especially when the teams playing in the game are traveling a long distance.

Historically, the Cotton Bowl has been one of the most expensive bowls in terms of ticket prices. In 2011, it had the highest average ticket price of all bowl games, except for the then-BCS Championship. The participating teams (Arkansas and Kansas State) being a short drive away from Dallas contributed to the high ticket prices in 2011.

Seating Chart

The Cotton Bowl Classic is held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, home of the Dallas Cowboys. The stadium is famous for its gigantic center-hung video board, which is 50 yards long. The stadium has four tiers, those being the 100, 200, 300, and 400-levels. Generally, tickets will be less expensive as you go higher up the stadium. There is also a standing-room party section available on the 400-level, which is home to the least expensive tickets for the Cotton Bowl. 

Students, university donors and employees usually have access to discounted flat rate tickets for designated sections. Since the Cotton Bowl Classic is one of the most famous bowl games, it is usually sold out.


What are the most expensive Cotton Bowl tickets?

The most expensive Cotton Bowl tickets of all time were listed for $34,285. These tickets granted access to the Owner’s Club Suite at AT&T Stadium for the 2022 Cotton Bowl between Alabama and Cincinnati. This incredibly high price not only granted access to the private suite, but also included unlimited complimentary food and drink.

What are the least expensive Cotton Bowl tickets?

The inaugural Cotton Bowl in 1937 had the least expensive tickets of all time. For a reserved seat in the old Cotton Bowl stadium, a football fan could expect to pay just $2.20. In 2023, this would equate to about $44 when adjusted for inflation. The first person to ever purchase Cotton Bowl tickets was Dr. George I. Bennett, who was a chiropractor in the Dallas area.