How Many Super Bowls Have The Titans Won?

How Many Super Bowls Have The Titans Won

Despite winning two AFL Championships before the league’s merger with the NFL in 1970, the Tennessee Titans (formerly known as Houston Oilers) have never won a Super Bowl title. However, they have gotten close to putting their hands on the Lombardi several times. Read below to take a closer look at the best playoff runs in Titans history.

Super Bowl XXXIV (1999-2000)

In 37 seasons in Houston, the franchise never reached the Super Bowl. After just three seasons in Nashville, though, led by star quarterback-running back duo Steve McNair and Eddie George, the Titans advanced to their first-ever Super Bowl. Drafted in 1995, McNair played his first full season as a starter in 1997, leading the team to an 8-8 record. The Oilers ended the 1998 season with an 8-8 record for the third consecutive year extending their playoff drought to five seasons.

The following season, the franchise switched its name to Titans, and things also started to change on the field. McNair led the team to a 13-3 record, punching a ticket to the playoffs. The Titans went on to win the Wild Card Game against the Bills thanks to the “Music City Miracle,” a lateral pass that set up a 75-yard touchdown from Kevin Dyson to win the game. After another close matchup with the Colts in the divisional playoffs, the Titans easily got rid of the Jaguars to advance to Super Bowl XXXIV, their first Super Bowl appearance, against the St. Louis Rams.

Super Bowl XXXIV seemed to be a no contest, as the Rams gained a 16-0 lead entering the final stage of the third quarter. However, the Titans managed to tie the game behind two touchdowns from Eddie George. Unfortunately, a 73-yard touchdown by Isaac Bruce put the Rams back up. The Titans managed to put themselves in position to score with six seconds left, but Rams linebacker Mike Jones tackled receiver Kevin Dyson one yard short from a touchdown to seal the game.

Houston Oilers AFC Championships

While the 1999 AFC Championship Game was the first for the Titans in Tennessee, it was not the first in franchise history. The team had, indeed, reached two back-to-back AFC Championship games between 1978 and 1979. Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell was dominating against any offense in the league in the late 1970s, winning the MVP in 1979, leading the team to a 10-6 record in 1978 and 11-6 in 1979. However, his explosive offensive power was not enough, as the Oilers were blown out by the Steelers in consecutive years, starting one of the biggest rivalries in the league.

Tennessee Titans AFC Championships

After the heartbreak in Super Bowl XXXIV, McNair led the Titans to another AFC Championship game in 2002. Following an 11-5 regular season, Tennessee won their third AFC South Division title and entered the playoff as the number two seed in the AFC. They beat the Steelers in overtime in the divisional round but fell short against the Raiders in the Championship Game.

The Titans played in another AFC Championship in 2019 in one of the biggest underdog runs in the history of the conference. Led by running back Derrick Henry and quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the Titans upset the Patriots and the Ravens before losing in the championship game to the Kansas City Chiefs.


When was the last time the Titans won the Super Bowl?

The Tennessee Titans have never won the Super Bowl. In over 50 seasons in the NFL, the franchise has only appeared in one Super Bowl in 1999, which ended up in a heartbreaking 23-16 loss against the St. Louis Rams.