How Many Super Bowls Have The Panthers Won?

How Many Super Bowls Have The Panthers Won

Having played only 28 seasons in the NFL, the Carolina Panthers are one of the youngest franchises in the league. However, they have experienced postseason success and have even reached the Super Bowl twice despite having played just 17 playoff games. Unfortunately, the Panthers have never won the Super Bowl. Read below to take a closer look at the Panthers’ Super Bowl history.

Super Bowl XXXVIII (2003-2004)

After their first-ever NFC Championship trip in the 1996 season, the Panthers finished five out of the following six seasons with a losing record, including a 1-15 season in 2001. However, things soon started changing as the Panthers appointed John Fox as the head coach for the 2002 season.

Fox was given a young core featuring wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. and defensive end Julius Peppers. This lineup led to a 2003 turnaround that ended with the Panthers’ first Super Bowl run in franchise history. That year, the Panthers finished the regular season with an 11-5 record winning the NFC South Division. Led by first-year starter Jake Delhomme, the team beat Dallas, then defeated St. Louis and Philadelphia as they advanced to Super Bowl XXXVIII, where Tom Brady’s New England Patriots were awaiting them.

Although the Patriots were heavy favorites entering the game, the contest was hard-fought until the end. After a scoreless first quarter, New England went into halftime up 14-10. The Patriots were able to keep the lead intact entering the fourth quarter, but an 85-yard touchdown from Mushin Muhammad put the Panthers up 22-21. The Patriots answered with a touchdown, and the Panthers tied the game at 29 with a minute to go. The game looked like it would go into overtime, but Brady and his offense managed to put kicker Vinatieri within field goal range. Vinatieri made the kick as time expired, breaking the Panthers’ dreams of winning their first Super Bowl appearance.

Super Bowl 50 (2015-2016)

As John Fox left the Panthers in 2010, former Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera was hired to rebuild the team. Once again, the draft brought great talent, and quarterback Cam Newton and linebacker Luke Kuechly became the team’s leaders on both sides of the ball.

The turnaround was immediate as the Panthers started a streak of three NFC South Division titles in 2013, ending with a Super Bowl run in 2015. Following a 15-1 regular season, the Panthers defeated Seahawks and Cardinals to advance to the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos.

Prior to the game, the Panthers’ offense had looked unstoppable, thanks to MVP Cam Newton. However, the Broncos managed to neutralize the Panthers’ offense, winning the game 24-10 after forcing three turnovers, including a game-clinching forced fumble by Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

1996 and 2005 NFC Championships

Besides their Super Bowl run, the Panthers were close to bringing a title to Charlotte on two more occasions when they reached the NFC Championship in 1996 and 2005. In their second season in the NFL, NFL Coach of the Year Dom Capers led the Panthers to play for a spot in Super Bowl XXXI, but they were easily defeated by Brett Favre’s Green Bay Packers. Carolina had to experience heartbreak again when they lost 34-14 against Seattle in the 2005 NFC Championship, despite still having their main stars from Super Bowl XXXVIII.


When was the last time the Panthers won the Super Bowl?

The Carolina Panthers have never won the Super Bowl. In twenty-eight seasons in the NFL, the Carolina Panthers have taken part in two Super Bowls (in 2003 and 2015), losing both of them, respectively, to the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.