How Many Super Bowls Have The Jaguars Won?

How Many Super Bowls Have The Jaguars Won

The Jacksonville Jaguars have never won the Super Bowl. Founded in 1995, the Jaguars are one of 12 professional football teams in the National Football League (NFL) who have never won a Super Bowl. The team is still quite young compared to other well-established teams, so the Jaguars need more time to establish their team as an NFL powerhouse. Despite not winning a Super Bowl, and even not appearing at the Super Bowl at all, the Jaguars have appeared in the NFL Playoffs eight times as part of the American Football Conference (AFC).

Jaguars Playoff Appearances

Although the Jaguars have yet to play in the Super Bowl, they have played in the AFC Championship, and lost, three times. The Jaguars’ first AFC Championship game was against the New England Patriots in 1996, which the Jaguars lost 20-6. Their second AFC Championship appearance occurred in 1999, in which the Jaguars lost 33-14 to the Tennessee Titans. The Jaguars’ most recent AFC Championship was once again against the Patriots, this time in 2017, a game which the Jaguars lost 24-20.

Will the Jaguars Ever Make it to the Super Bowl?

While the Jaguars have not made it to the Super Bowl yet, odds are they will at some point, and the team’s growing talent could let that happen sooner rather than later. Under the guidance of Trevor Lawrence, who is the current quarterback, Jaguars fans are hoping to make it to the Super Bowl in the upcoming years. The Jaguars had a phenomenal 2022-2023 season, and the potential is there. Over the past few years, the Jaguars have improved as a team, so it is possible that the Jaguars may head to the Super Bowl, and perhaps win it, in the near future.


When was the last time the Jaguars won the Super Bowl?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have never won the Super Bowl and are just one of 12 current National Football League teams that has never won the championship title. The Jacksonville-based football team has not even competed in the Super Bowl, in fact. However, during the 2022-2023 football season, the Jaguars were named the fourth overall seed in the NFL Playoffs under the leadership of quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Overall, the Jaguars have made it to eight playoffs and appeared in the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship game three times.

Are the Jaguars the only NFL team to have never won a Super Bowl?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have yet to play in or win the Super Bowl, but they are not the only team to lack the Vince Lombardi trophy. A total of 12 other NFL football teams also have not won the Super Bowl: the Houston Texans, the Minnesota Vikings, the Detroit Lions, the Buffalo Bills, the Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Atlanta Falcons, the Tennessee Titans, the Carolina Panthers, and the Arizona Cardinals. Similarly to the Jaguars, the Texans, Lions, and Browns have never even made a Super Bowl appearance.