How Many Super Bowls Have The Eagles Won?

How Many Super Bowls Have The Eagles Won

Every year, the National Football League (NFL) hosts its Super Bowl to determine the league’s winner. The game first took place in 1967, and there have been many teams to take home the prestigious Lombardi trophy. In fact, twenty different franchises have won the title of Super Bowl champions at least once over the years. The Eagles have won one Super Bowl, in their third appearance in 2018. Previously, they had been defeated in the 1980 and the 2005 Super Bowls before their 2018 triumph. They also were defeated in the 2023 Super Bowl. Read on to learn all about those three close defeats and the Eagles’ victory in 2018!

Super Bowl XV Appearance (1980-1981)

In 1980, the Eagles won the National Football Conference (NFC) for the first time and thus made their first appearance in the Super Bowl. When they got there, they faced the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Oakland Raiders, who were making their third appearance at Super Bowl XV in New Orleans. While it was a great accomplishment to even make it to the Super Bowl, the game did not go as the Eagles had hoped. The Raiders scored two first-quarter touchdowns and cruised to victory from there, winning 27-10.

Super Bowl XXXIX Appearance (2004-2005)

After a 24-year drought, the Eagles made it back to the Super Bowl at Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, Florida. There, they faced the AFC champion New England Patriots, who were making their fifth appearance at the big game. The game was extremely close throughout its entirety, and was even tied 14-14 after three quarters. Unfortunately for Philadelphia, the Patriots pulled out a close victory in the end with a touchdown and field goal in the fourth quarter, winning by a score of 24-21.

Super Bowl LII Victory (2017-2018)

After their previous two defeats, the Eagles made their third appearance and first win at Super Bowl LII in 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Like in 2005, they again faced the New England Patriots from the AFC. In a high-scoring affair, the Eagles took a 22-12 lead into the half. After the Patriots cut the lead to 29-26, the Eagles won the fourth quarter to take the Super Bowl 41-33. The 74 combined points are the second most in Super Bowl history, only behind the 75 points between the Chargers and 49ers in 1995. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, who had been filling in for the injured Carson Wentz in the playoffs, was named the game’s MVP after completing 28 of his 43 passes for 373 yards and three touchdowns. Foles also caught a touchdown pass on one of the most famous plays in Super Bowl history, the Philly special.

Super Bowl LVII Appearance (2022-2023)

Four years after their win in Super Bowl LII, the Eagles were back in the big game, this time against the AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles got off to a hot start, scoring 24 points in the first half to jump out to a 24-14 lead. However, after several offensive and defensive breakdowns in the second half, the Chiefs were able to come back to make it a 35-35 game with only a few minutes left in the game. After a monstrous drive by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, Kansas City was able to kick a field goal with less than 30 seconds left on the clock. The game ended after a failed Hail Mary attempt by Jalen Hurts and the Eagles, with a score of 38-35 in favor of the Chiefs.


When was the last time the Eagles won the Super Bowl?

The last and only time the Eagles won the Super Bowl was in 2018 at Super Bowl LII. That year, they defeated the New England Patriots by a score of 41-33. Quarterback Nick Foles was named the game's MVP after throwing for 343 yards and three touchdown passes. The Eagles have appeared in the Super Bowl on three other occasions, in 1980, 2004, and 2022. All three of those times, they, unfortunately lost, once to the Oakland Raiders (1980), once to the Patriots (2004), and once to the Chiefs (2022).