Has A Team Ever Won A Super Bowl Without Losing A Game?

Has A Team Ever Won A Super Bowl Without Losing A Game

Although the big game started in 1967, some teams have yet to win a coveted Super Bowl ring. One can count the most Super Bowl wins any one team has with nearly one finger. The most wins by any team are only six.

Now that you understand the magnitude of a team being immortalized in NFL history by winning a Super Bowl, we will dive into dissecting an even greater feat: claiming a Super Bowl victory without a single season loss. This is an accomplishment that only one team has ever achieved.

1972 Miami Dolphins

One cannot speak about the 1972 Miami Dolphins lineup without descending into utter astonishment. With six future Professional NFL Hall of Famers, including the genius of the Dolphin's Head Coach Don Shula, is it any wonder that they succeeded so well?

The Miami Dolphins are the only NFL team since the NFL started in 1920 to have gone undefeated and win a Super Bowl. With a perfect 17-0 season, the Dolphins sealed their football glory with a 14-7 Super Bowl win over the Washington Redskins.

What made the Miami Dolphins so great? What made them capable of doing what no other team could do or has done since 1920? We could talk about Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris, who each rushed for over 1,000 yards during the perfect season. We could also refer to the fact that the Dolphins were ranked number one in total offense and defense, as well as scoring offense and defense: the only team to have ever held the number one spot in all four of those categories since the NFL began. Or should we talk about Hall of Fame quarterback Bob Griese or Miami’s stellar offensive line?

The fact remains that the 1972 Miami Dolphins were stacked and have forever proved that they are unmatched, for no other team has been able to achieve what they have: a perfect season culminating in a Super Bowl win.

2007 New England Patriots

Although they did not win the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots are worth mentioning as the closest team to match the 1972 Dolphins in an undefeated NFL season. Finishing out a perfect 16-0 season, the 2007 New England Patriots were on the cusp of being referred to as the greatest NFL team of all time. They had Tom Brady, who most admit is the greatest of all time of NFL football, as well as an unprecedented 38.6 points per game for the season. Yes, they really were scoring that much.

But then, their efforts came crashing down after a shocking 17-14 fourth-quarter Super Bowl defeat to the New York Giants. Although the Patriots were undoubtedly great, when the time to clutch came, they choked, forever putting the 1972 Miami Dolphins on a loftier pedestal.