Football Gloves

Football Gloves

Football gloves are a type of glove unique to the game of football. They have a variety of benefits and can be seen worn by almost every football player, especially in higher level leagues. Football gloves can vary a lot depending on position and weather, but this piece of equipment is a staple in football.

Benefits of Football Gloves

Football gloves provide a few different benefits depending on the player using them. One major benefit that football gloves provide is added grip. Most football gloves will have a sticky surface on the palm which helps a football player catch, hold onto the ball, and even tackle. Another benefit that some football gloves provide is additional padding. Most gloves will come with some amount of padding which can help prevent hands from injuries caused by hard impacts. 

Football gloves can also help protect against various weather circumstances. Some gloves are designed specifically to be used in rain or snow in order to allow for a better grip in wet environments. Some gloves will help keep players’ hands warm during cold weather as well. Each type of glove is unique in its benefits, but almost every football player will wear some type of glove.

Things To Consider

When looking for football gloves, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What position do you play?
  • Where do you play football?
  • How much do you want to spend on football gloves?

What are you looking for in football gloves?

  • Extra grip
  • Wrist support
  • To be lightweight
  • Practice use
  • Game use
  • All-around positional use


The different types of football gloves include receiver gloves, lineman gloves, and all-purpose gloves.

Receiver Gloves

Football Receiver Gloves

When most people think of football gloves, receiver gloves are usually what comes to mind. These gloves are designed mainly for wide receivers, and are usually the lightest and thinnest gloves used in football. They place an emphasis on grip, as wide receivers catch high velocity passes most frequently. 


  • Very sticky
  • Wide range of motion
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Little to no padding
  • Will need to be replaced when grip wears out

Lineman Gloves

Football Lineman Gloves

Lineman gloves are specifically designed for offensive and defensive lineman. They are typically the heaviest and thickest gloves on the market, in large part because they have the most padding. These gloves are beneficial for linemen, as they do not handle the ball often and have their hands exposed constantly to injuries.


  • Ample hand padding and protection
  • Occasional protection for wrists
  • Keeps hands stable


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Limited range of movement
  • Least amount of grip

All-Purpose Football Gloves

All-purpose football gloves are a middle ground between receiver and lineman gloves. They are meant for players who do not handle the ball very often but still need grip and protection. These are best suited for positions such as running backs, linebackers, and safeties. They have a similar amount of grip to receiver gloves while also providing some padding.


  • Can be used for almost any position
  • Grip enhancement and some protection
  • Good range of motion


  • Do not provide as much protection as lineman gloves
  • Not as breathable or light as receiver gloves


The most popular brands that produce football gloves are Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, and Cutters.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a major brand that produces high quality sports equipment. They make a few different types of football gloves, including both padded and unpadded models. They even make a fingerless option and offer gloves with many different colors and graphics on the palms.


Nike is one of the largest sports equipment and apparel manufacturers in the world. They mainly focus on wide receiver and all-purpose football gloves. Their gloves usually tend to be slightly more expensive than other brands. Nike makes both adult and youth size football gloves.


Adidas is a major sports equipment and apparel brand that makes football gloves. They produce receiver and lineman gloves which come in a wide variety of different colors and patterns. While their gloves come in many different designs, they often are made with similar construction to one another.


Cutters is a brand that specializes in football gloves and select football equipment. They have arguably the widest selection of football gloves which come in all different types and have many different graphics. Most of their gloves can be found in both youth and adult sizes.


When deciding which football gloves to buy, always consider the durability, cost, and sizes.


Football gloves tend to last a fairly long time, with most pairs remaining serviceable for a season or more. There are a lot of factors that will affect a glove’s durability such as materials, type of glove, and how often they are used or washed. If a glove loses its grip or begins to tear, it is best to replace them.


Most football gloves will range anywhere from $25 to $65. Gloves made with higher quality materials that are targeted towards more advanced players will usually cost in the upper level of that price zone. Customizing gloves will likely drive the cost up.


Most gloves will come in either youth or adult sizes. Within these categories, youth gloves will usually range from S to L while adult sizes will sometimes range up to 2XL or 3XL.


What makes football gloves sticky?

The sticky part of football gloves comes from materials such as silicon and other viscous materials. When the silicon surface comes into contact with a football, it slows it down and grabs onto it providing the additional grip.

Do quarterbacks wear football gloves?

Yes, some quarterbacks do wear gloves. While some will use no gloves, others will use one or two gloves. Most quarterbacks who use one glove want to have extra grip while catching snaps or getting tackled without impacting the throwing hand. Some quarterbacks will also change whether or not they use gloves based on the weather.

How important are position-specific football gloves in youth leagues?

In youth leagues, using position specific gloves are not as important as they are in higher level leagues. All-purpose gloves and receiver gloves will provide similar benefits to skill players in youth leagues. It would not be useful for skill players to use lineman gloves, but some lineman could use all-purpose gloves as there is not as much high-impact contact.