Football With The Wind

What is With the Wind in Football?

With the wind in football is a phrase used to describe when a kicker is kicking a ball with the wind blowing in the direction of the kick. A quarterback can also be with the wind when throwing a pass. When the wind is blowing behind the ball it causes the ball to travel further. Kickers are able to kick long field goals and quarterbacks can throw the ball further.


The main result of being with the wind while kicking is that the ball travels further. The wind can add several yards to a kick, increasing a placekicker's range.

Punts and kickoffs also travel further which give the kicking team the advantage in securing field position. With the wind behind the ball a kickoff has a higher chance of going through the endzone negating a chance at a kickoff return. Punts travel further which make the returning team start their next drive from closer to their own endzone.


Not only does being with the wind while passing assist the distance in which the ball travels, it also helps with the accuracy of the pass. Passes against the wind experience more drag and wind resistance causing the ball to wobble and arrive off target.

Deciding Who Has the Wind

The wind is an uncontrollable factor in a football game. The best way to maneuver it is at the beginning of the game when deciding which team is defending which endzone. That process begins with the coin toss.

Coin Toss

Whichever team wins the coin toss is given the choice of if they want the ball or if they want to pick a side to defend. In games where the wind is blowing heavily in one direction teams will opt to pick a defensive side instead receiving the ball. That way they can guarantee that they will be with the wind in the second and then final quarter.