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What is football visiting team? Get ready to learn about visiting team in football.

What is Visiting Team in Football?

The visiting team in football is the team who is not the home team in a football game. This team is often called the away team or the road team. The visiting team travels to another state, university or region's stadium. The home team is the stadium local and familiar to one of the teams. In fact, the home team's stadium often has a logo or mascot printed on the center circle of the field.

PRO TIP: The visiting team is announced first prior to the game. On a scoreboard, the away team is always listed first. This could mean their name is on top of the home team, or to the left of the home team.

Visiting Team Fan Experience

Since fans are always rooting for their home team, they often treat the opposing visiting team poorly. This includes hollering, yelling, cursing and booing when the visiting team runs onto the field, gets announced and most especially when they score.

The visiting team doesn't have many fans in the stadium, especially if the visiting team's home stadium is far away. However, sometimes a visiting team can have just as many fans present as the home team. This is common for teams from the same region or coast.

Visiting Team Uniform

As we already learned, team members have different jerseys depending if they are the home or away team. An away team's uniform is called their away uniform kit. It consists of the same items each game, they are just different colors to distinguish the two teams.

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