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Football Touchdown Return

What is football touchdown return? Get ready to learn about touchdown return in football.

What is a Touchdown Return in Football?

A touchdown return in football is a return that results in a touchdown. A touchdown return may occur on a kick, punt, interception, or fumble.

Kickoff and Punt Returns

Both kickoff and punt returns are special teams plays with one team set up as returners and the other as the coverage team. The coverage team kicks the ball downfield and tries to tackle the return man. If they fail to do so and the return man runs it all the way back for a touchdown, it is called a touchdown return.

Interception and Fumble Returns

Interceptions and fumble returns are both in the regular flow of the game. They are a live ball turnover resulting in a touchdown for the defense.

Strategy and Importance of Returns


Kickoffs and punts require a lot of thought on both how to cover and how to return them. Return teams set up blocking schemes in order to free up a running lane for the returner. They are in sync before the play with where the returner is going to go.

Coverage teams attempt to funnel the returner to make tackling them easier. Some teams use the sidelines as an extra defender limiting the space while others funnel towards the middle and where they will send their best tacklers.

Outside of the special teams, there isn't too much strategy in returning interceptions and fumbles and it is very much unscripted.


Returns can change the dynamic of a game in an instance. If a team is able to get a touchdown return it then does not have to go on offense and complete a long drive. Getting a return touchdown swings the momentum and gets the team pumped up.

Best Returners

The best returners are ones that have both speed and vision. The speed is important to outrun the coverage team, however, it takes more than that to consistently return touchdowns. A returner needs to be able to see the field and make the right cut, taking the best path down the field.


There are some players in football that are labeled specialists. The return man can play more than one position, but sometimes a player specializes in only being a return man.

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