Football The Kick Is Good

Kick Is Good

The kick is good in football is a phrase used to describe a successful field goal or extra point when the ball travels through the goal post. In order for the kick to be good, the ball must travel completely over the horizontal crossbar and through the vertical goal posts. Two officials will hold their hands up vertically in the air to signal if the kick is good. These officials stand on either side of the goal post in order to have the best view.


If the kick taken is a field goal and the kick is good, the offensive team receives 3 points. If the kick was an extra point, the team only receives 1 point in addition to the 6 points earned from their touchdown.

Hitting the Goal Posts

If the ball hits any of the three goal posts, the kick can still be considered good as long as it travels over the horizontal goal post. If the ball bounces off of a horizontal goal post and travels back toward the field, the kick is not good and the team receives no points.

Kick is Not Good

If the kick is not good because the kicker misses the goal posts, the team loses the ball. If the kick was a field goal, the opposing team gets the ball on first down from wherever the kick was taken. If the kicker misses the extra point, the opposing team is then kicked to, in the same way they would have been if the kicker had made the extra point.