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What is football quarter? Get ready to learn about quarter in football.

What is a Quarter in Football?

A quarter in football is the main unit of time measurement for the game. The game of football is played in four quarters, each with a 15 minute game clock. At the end of the game clock for a quarter, there is a brief break before the next quarter begins. Between the second and third quarter is Half Time. The names of the quarters are the 1st quarter, the 2nd quarter, the 3rd quarter, and the 4th quarter. The first two quarters are called the first half and the last two quarters are called the second half.

Halftime in Football

After the 2nd quarter, there is a break in play called halftime where the teams leave the field and go to the locker room to rest and plan for the next half. At the pro level, most of the commercials occur during half time. During the Superbowl, there is a special half time show. Many tune in to the Superbowl just to watch the halftime show, since it's such a big deal.


After the 4th quarter, the game is over unless there is a tie in which an additional quarter is played called overtime. There is a special set of Overtime Rules if the game ends tied.

Two Minute Warning

When the game clock reaches two minutes remaining in the 2nd and 4th quarters, there is a stoppage of play called the two minute warning to notify both teams of the time remaining in the half. This acts like a timeout, stopping the clock even if the clock would've been running due to a player being tackled.

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