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Football Losing Team

What is football losing team? Get ready to learn about losing team in football.

Football Losing Team

The losing team in football is a phrase used to describe either the team that loses the game or loses the coin toss flip.

Game Loser

The team that scores fewer points than the other is the losing team. If the loss occurs during the regular season, then the team that loses has a tally added on to the loss column of their record.

During the regular season, a team that has more losses than wins, is said to have a losing record.

A loss in the playoffs or postseason means elimination. If you lose in the postseason then your season is over and the next game you will play is in the following season.

There are several different types of losses as well. If the margin of defeat is large, the game is called a blowout. Similarly, if the margin of score difference is small, or there was a last second defeat then the game is considered a heartbreaker.

If a team loses more than one game in a row, then that is called a losing streak. For example, a team that loses four games in a row is said to be on a losing streak of four games.

Coin Toss Loser

At the beginning of each game there is a coin toss to decide who will receive the ball first and which side each team will defend. Of the two options (who gets the ball first and what side to defend) each team gets to choose one of them, the winner of the coin toss picks first. The losing team of the coin toss then is given the remaining coin toss option that the winning team did not select as well as their first choice from the other option. What that means is that if the winning coin toss team decides to receive the ball to start the game, the coin toss loser will receive the ball in the second half as well as get to pick the side they would like to defend in the first half.

In the overtime period, whichever team loses the coin toss has a higher chance of losing the game.

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