Football Live Action

What is Live Action in Football?

Live-action in football refers to the game being played and streamed live in real-time. Each play can be witnessed as it is actually unfolding either on the TV/radio or in person at the venue.


Live broadcasts of football games are available on TV, with a number of cameras capturing the action and transmitting it to viewers' screens almost instantaneously. Games shown on TV are often labeled as in-market or out-of-market games. In-market games are broadcast on major networks such as CBS and are generally limited to teams in local areas. For example, a viewer living in New York will likely have access to a New York Giants or Jets game as opposed to a west coast team playing in the same time slot. In order to view out-of-market (non-local games), viewers must purchase a separate package that is not included in a basic cable subscription. Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night games are an exception, as they are national broadcasts that are available to virtually every member of the public. These broadcasts can be viewed on NBC, ESPN, FOX, and NFL Network. Some select Sunday afternoon games on CBS and FOX are also shown as national broadcasts.


Fans that simply want to listen to games or do not have access to a television can tune into a live radio broadcast. Each play is detailed in full by a pair of commentators that are watching the game at the actual venue. One advantage to radio commentators is that they are hired by the teams they broadcast for, giving listeners additional insight with regards to their favorite teams.

At the Venue

Those looking to watch the game in-person have the option of purchasing tickets and watching from the stadium at which the game is being played. Being present at the venue is generally the most exciting way to enjoy the sport, as it gives viewers an enhanced atmosphere with thousands of cheering spectators. The one drawback of being at the venue is that premium seats are usually very expensive, preventing viewers from having access to the same close-up views and variety of angles shown on TV.