Football Kicking Team

What is the Kicking Team in Football?

The kicking team in Football is the team that is kicking the ball. This could be in different scenarios like during kickoffs, punts, PATs and field goals. The opposing team is known as the receiving team during kickoffs and punts. During PAT's and field goals, the opposing team is simply called the defense.

football kicking team

Kicker Responsibilities

The kicker is usually the shortest player on the team, yet one of the strongest. He must have precise aim and be able to kick or punt the ball long distances. Kickers are often put in the game during highly intense situations, so kickers that can remain levelheaded and calm are essential to a team's success.

Team Responsibilities

The kicking team during kickoffs and punts employ a kicker, blockers, and gunners. The kicker is usually a player from the special teams unit, who specializes in performing unique kicks during the game. Roles during kicking situations are the same as other game scenarios. The kicker kicks the ball, blockers block for the kicker, and gunners run down the field in an attempt to tackle the player who will be returning the ball.