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Football Hole

What is football hole? Get ready to learn about hole in football.

What is a Football Hole?

A football hole is a small area devoid of the defense because it has been opened up by the offensive linemen. A hole, or lane, opens when the offensive linemen block and move the defensive players out of the way of the running back or another ball carrier. Holes allow the ball carrier to make significantly greater progress down the field than if no holes in the defense were created.

Number System

The number system regarding holes refers to the spaces between certain lineman. To the left of the center, the middle offensive lineman, the holes are labeled with odd numbers, starting with "1." The holes to the right of the center, on the other hand, are labeled with even numbers, starting with "2." The higher the number, the farther the hole is from the center.

This allows the ball carrier to be on the same page with the offensive linemen, who are actually doing the blocking, to open up the correct hole when a certain play is called. This way, the ball carrier knows where he should run.

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