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Football Halftime Show

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Football Halftime Show

The halftime show in football is an entertaining show performed on a football field during half time. Halftime shows are designed to keep fans engaged during halftime. Performers take control of the field while the teams are in the locker room, and put on a show for those still in their seats. Depending on the level of the competition, half time performers can range from high school marching bands to cheerleaders, and even famous performers such as Lady Gaga or Adam Levine. In-season NFL games usually host marching bands and cheerleading squads, while bigger events such as the Superbowl invite more well known celebrity guests.

The Superbowl Halftime Show

One event that has a well-known halftime show is the Superbowl. Some spectators will tune into the game only at half time, just to watch the performance. Every year, a famous performer is invited to put on a show for spectators as they wait for the second half of the game to start. Early Superbowls had marching bands who would put on big musical numbers and even arrange themselves to show images on the field. As the competition became more popular, famous musicians took over as the halftime performers. Often they would share the field with bands, but as time went on, the singers became more popular.

One of the biggest years for the halftime show was in 1993 when a performance by Michael Jackson at half time got more viewers than the football game itself. In recent years, pop stars have taking over the field with big dance numbers, amusing costumes, and acrobatic feats. In 2017, Lady Gaga was lifted into the stadium on a harness before beginning her performance. The Superbowl in 2019 hosted Maroon 5 and Travis Scott as the main performers. However many spectators complained about the choice of songs and musicians. There was even a rumor that a famous song from Spongebob was going to be played, and when it wasn't, many were disappointed. Each year there are always people with something negative to say about the performance, but the world of performance is used to having naysayers. Despite controversies and opinions, every year the performances become more and more technical, with lighting, stages, and even fireworks.


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