Football Gain

A gain occurs in football when a player moves the ball closer to the end zone that they are attempting to score on. The team can achieve this by throwing or running the ball. Gains are necessary to score and win the game!

How to Gain Yards in Football

In order to gain yards on the football field, the offense must run plays to advance the ball within the time and downage allotted. The team can throw the ball down the field, give the ball to a running back, or have the quarterback advance the ball by himself. The team only has four chances to gain 10 yards and reach the first down line. If they do not accomplish this, the other team will get the ball.

A gain in football can be only a few inches or a full 100 yards, depending on the play. Every gain is important to the game since it can make it easier for the offense to score and harder for the defense to stop them.

Football Loss of Yardage

The opposite of a gain in football is a loss, when the offense loses yardage on a play, through a sack, fumble, or tackle behind the line of scrimmage. Offenses try to prevent losses every play, as it can make it much more difficult to score.