Football Forced Fumble

What is a Forced Fumble?

A forced fumble in football is when an offensive player loses the ball due to the actions of a defensive player. The ball can be lost from an offensive player when a defensive player performs a legal hit. A forced fumble is a tough thing for a defensive player to do because offensive players are usually very skilled at keeping the football tight in their arms.

Executing a Forced Fumble

The easiest way to execute a forced fumble seems to occur when a defensive player approaches the quarterback at his blindside. When the ball is fumbled, each team scrambles to get the ball. If the offensive team recovers the ball, the forced fumble does not result in a turnover. If the defensive team recovers the ball, the forced fumble does result in a turnover.

Forced fumbles can be very fun to watch during a game, especially if your team is on defense! If your team is on offense, it can be a very stressful situation.