Football Forced Fumble

Football Forced Fumble

What is a Forced Fumble?

A forced fumble in football is when an offensive player loses the ball due to the actions of a defensive player. The ball can be lost when a defensive player performs a legal hit. A forced fumble is a tough thing for a defensive player to cause because offensive players are usually very skilled at keeping the football tight in their arms. Read on to learn more about how players execute a forced fumble.

Executing a Forced Fumble

The easiest way to execute a forced fumble seems to occur when a defensive player approaches the quarterback on their blindside. When the ball is fumbled, each team scrambles to get the ball. If the offensive team recovers the ball, the forced fumble does not result in a turnover. If the defensive team recovers the ball, the forced fumble does result in a turnover.

Another effective way of forcing fumbles is by stripping or punching the ball. Stripping the ball happens when a player is being tackled, where a defensive player grabs onto the ball or arm of the ball carrier and attempts to pry the ball away. Punching the ball is just what it sounds like, striking the ball in an attempt to knock it away from the ball carrier.

Forced Fumble Records

Forced fumbles are an official statistic record kept by the NFL and other high-level football leagues, such as the NCAA. It is kept as both a team and individual statistic. The 2010 New York Giants hold the record for most forced fumbles in a season with 34, while the individual record for forced fumbles in a season is shared by Charles Tillman and Osi Umenyiora with 10. The most forced fumbles by one player in a career is 52, achieved by Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Robert Mathis.