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Football Away Team

What is football away team? Get ready to learn about away team in football.

What is the Away Team in Football?

The away team in football is the team that is visiting and playing at their opponent's home field. In football games, the away teams must wear the opposite jersey color that the home team wears. In most cases, the home team must wear white or a primary team color. If the away team wishes to wear their home uniforms or an alternate colored uniform, the league commissioner must be given notice and approve of the colors.

Football Away Team Advantages

There aren't many advantages to being the away team in a football game as you're playing in a very noisy environment wherein very few in the stadium want your team to win. However, the away teams get to choose the side of the coin they'd like during the coin toss which determines who will get the ball first in the game. If the game goes into overtime, another coin toss is held and the away team get to select their side of the coin again.

Football Away Team Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of being the away team is exactly that, you are the away team. The away team plays in a stadium that is not theirs, they must do a lot of traveling, and almost every fan in the stadium at game time is against you. During the away team's huddles and plays, the stadium will be very loud and it's nearly impossible to communicate with the team verbally. That, alongside being very tired from travel and practicing and playing in a new environment, can often leave the away team at a big disadvantage.

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