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What is football announcer? Get ready to learn about announcer in football.

What is an Announcer in Football?

A football announcer, also known as a football commentator or broadcaster, reports to fans what is happening during a football game. There can be an announcer at all levels of football games, from a little league championship to a professional football game. A football announcer should be very knowledgeable on the sport of football and familiar with the players on the teams in which they are announcing for. Football announcers have great communication skills and tend to be very enthusiastic during a game.

Types of Announcers

There are announcers for both television and radio. For radio, announcers have explain what is going on in great detail because there is no visual aspect to it. For television, announcers still have to explain what is happening during the game, however, they can provide more comments and insights on the game because the game is visually seen.

Announcer Salaries

The salaries that football announcers earn vary from level to level. Professional football announcers can earn more than $1 million per season.

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