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Flag Football

Are you looking to play flag football? What are the rules of flag football? Get read to learn all about flag football.


Flag Football

Flag football is a sport that is extremely similar to American football, but with less body contact. Tackling is a big part of football, and is used in order to down a player. In flag football, players pull flags off of a players flag belt to down them.

In flag football, the team which scores more points by the end of the game wins. Teams can score by getting a touchdown, field goal, or safety.

Flag football pits one team's offense versus the other team's defense.


The offense tries to score touchdowns or get a field goal. Both of which involve driving down towards the other team's endzone.


The defense must attempt to prevent the offense from scoring points. They do this by not allowing the offense to travel down the field towards the endzone. They can also score points if they get an interception and run to the other team's endzone, or force a safety.


In flag football, the field is typically smaller than in real football. Flag football is played on a 100 yard long field, with 20 of the yards taken up by the endzones.


In flag football, linemen can receive the ball. In tackle football, linemen are not eligible receivers.


Flag football has most of the same rules as tackle football. Flag football also has some other rules because it is a different game. Here are a few of the additional rules:

  • Guarding a flag
  • Kneeing
  • Illegal removing of flags

How Many Players are on a Flag Football Team?

The number of players on a flag football team can vary depending on the competition and how many players are available. Most often, a flag football team has somewhere from five to seven players, although there are teams consisting of anywhere from four to eleven players.

Some flag football competitions have regulations regarding the number of players a team can have on the roster and bench. In many youth competitions, teams are encouraged to be smaller so that more kids can get adequate playing time.

Unlike American or Canadian football, flag football competitions are generally less strict on rules and regulations. If a player needs a rest, the odds are their team will be able to continue with one less player for the time being.

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