Fantasy Football WR

What is a WR in Fantasy Football?

WRs, or wide receivers, are an important position in fantasy football, and certainly the position with the most depth. Since NFL teams start two to three wide receivers, there is a plethora of talent to draft from and on the waiver wire each week.


Wide receivers are the second most coveted positions behind running backs during a fantasy draft. The top wide receivers are typically in the top ten for total points by position players at the end of the year. Due to the insurgence of points per reception leagues, many owners will use the WR/WR strategy, meaning their first two picks will both be wide receivers. This tactic is used more if a team has a later first round pick.

Wide receivers are historically more reliable than running backs, with star receiver's fantasy careers lasting longer and therefore being a better option for safe draft picking.

Starting wide receivers will still be available toward the end of the draft, so waiting to draft pass catchers is not the worst strategy.


Wide receivers earn a point for every 10 yards they accumulate and six points per touchdown. PPR leagues give out an extra point or half point per reception as well. Occasionally wide receivers will earn rushing yards on end-arounds or backwards screen passes and are awarded a point for every 10 rushing yards as well. They lose two points for each fumble recovered by the defense.


The best fantasy season ever in standard scoring leagues was accomplished by wide receiver Randy Moss in 2007. His 23 touchdowns are a single season record and he hauled in 1,493 yards on 98 catches to go along with it.