Fantasy Football Where To Start

Fantasy Football is very accessible and simple for anyone interested in the game. It's not that hard to get started with Fantasy Football; let's walk through some steps you could take to get started.

Before Starting

Before you start your fantasy football journey, here's a little background. Fantasy football is a game that involves strategy, decision-making, and a little bit of luck. It's important to have patience at first. Even if you have all the right choices, you could come up short!

In short, fantasy football is a game where you act as the owner, coach, and general manager of an imaginary football team. You start by drafting real NFL players to add to your team. Each week, your team will earn points based on the performance of the players you drafted to your team, and these points will determine a victor in your head to head matchups with other fantasy team owners in your fantasy league. If you don't understand these terms, don't fret!

Let's go through the process of getting started in fantasy football.

Finding a Platform and Joining a League

Before you can create your fantasy team, you're going to need a platform to play on. Fantasy football can be played on pen and paper, but most prefer to play online. Here are some well known websites that host fantasy football leagues.

  • ESPN
  • Yahoo!
  • CBS Sports
  • FanDuel

Once you have a platform to play fantasy football, you can join a league and begin creating your team!

A fantasy football league is simply a group of players who you will be playing with. Some leagues may have very few people and some may have a lot of people. Don't be overwhelmed, you're all playing the same game!

You can play in a private league with people you know, or a public league with strangers. You don't have to worry about sharing contact information with the opposing players, the website should keep your information secure.

Some leagues have prizes attached to them. We recommend keeping away from those until you're confident in your play as they usually have an entry fee.

Creating Your Team

Next, you'll be tasked with creating your team. Come up with a unique team name and logo and you'll be all set!

Now for the biggest step in team creation: the draft. In the draft, you'll be selecting players from a pool to add to your team. Keep in mind that other owners will be drafting from the same pool, so make your selections wisely.

There are many variants of drafts, so let's talk about the most common.

Auction Draft

In this draft type, owners will nominate a player to bid on when it's their turn. Each owner will have a specified amount of money to spend for the draft to buy players. Outbid your opponents to get that star player! Make sure you don't spend too much money on any one player!

Serpentine/Snake Draft

In this draft type, the order in which owners make selections will be flipped each round. For example, if you select first in the first round of the draft, you'll draft last in the second round, then first again in the third round.

The Scoring System

To play fantasy football, you need to understand the scoring system. You'll earn points for your team based on your players' performance during real NFL games. In most leagues, touchdowns are worth six points, field goals are worth three points (depending on the distance of the kick, and rushing/receiving is worth one point for every 10 yards of rushing/receiving.

Some leagues use custom scoring where the point values for certain actions are altered. Make sure you become familiar with your league's scoring rules before the season starts. The scoring settings should affect how you draft players. You should contact the commissioner, the owner in charge of the rules of the league, if you have any questions.

The Goal

The end goal of a fantasy football team is to make it to the playoffs and win the league championship. The teams with the best records at the end of the regular season make it into the playoffs and compete for the title of league champion. The end of the season occurs after about 12 games depending on when your league started play. The playoffs will take place during the final two to four weeks of the NFL regular season.