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What Is Fantasy Football?

What is what is fantasy football? in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use what is fantasy football? when playing FF.


Fantasy football is a game of strategy and a little bit of luck. Let's do a quick overview of how it works, because it is unlike your typical football game.

Fantasy Football (FF, FFB)

Fantasy football is a game where team owners draft real life NFL players to their fantasy team and compete against each other based on the performance of the real life players. Each team consists of different players from different teams. It's called a fantasy team because these teams could never exist!

In recent years, fantasy football has gained a lot of traction in popularity, even having shows dedicated to fantasy football. People can either participate in a public league, where invitations are open, or a private league where an invitation is required.

(Note: Throughout these tutorials, owner will refer to the person playing fantasy football and player will refer to NFL players unless otherwise noted.)

Fantasy Football Teams

In fantasy football, team owners (the people who are playing fantasy football) draft players (NFL players) to their team roster. The team owners then compete against each other throughout the course of the NFL season. We'll discuss drafting players to your team later.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

Daily fantasy sports are fantasy contests in which participants compete daily or over a short period of time rather than an entire season. There is also often a monetary prize for the winners.

Point System

Fantasy football uses a point system to decide the victor in week to week matchups between owners. The better a player in the NFL performs, the more points he will earn. For example, if you have quarterback Aaron Rodgers on your team and he throws three touchdowns and four hundred (400) yards in his game, he will earn about 30 fantasy points. If you have running back Ezekiel Elliott on your team and he only rushes for forty-five (45) yards and no touchdowns, he will only earn about 15 fantasy points.

Players can also lose points for performing poorly, like throwing multiple interceptions or fumbling the ball. Here are some of the offensive points you can earn:


For each fumble that is lost, subtract 2 points. For each fumble recovered for a touchdown, award yourself 6 points.

Passing Points

For each interception, subtract 2 points from your score. Add 4 points for every touchdown.For every 25 yards passed, add 1 point.

Rushing Yards

For every 10 rushing yards, give yourself 1 point. For each touchdown, award yourself 6 points.

Receiving Points

For each touchdown, award yourself 6 points.For every 10 yards, give yourself 1 point.


2-Point Conversions are worth 2 points, and receptions are worth 1 point each.

Drafting Players

In fantasy football, you start the season by drafting the players to your team, but you can also adjust your roster during the season via trades and free agency if a player isn't performing well or is injured. We'll talk later about roster adjustment.

Playoff Systems

Some leagues (the groups you play fantasy football in) decide the league champion (the winner of the league) differently. Some have a playoff system and others go by who scored the most points during the season. We'll talk about season conclusion later.

Now that you know the basics of fantasy football, we'll discuss how to get started playing next.


Fantasy football can be changed and altered in many different ways, but there can always be more! We'd love to see more options when it comes to league customization and altering the way the game can be played. Perhaps a setting where each week there is a draft and every gets new players based on who is performing well. Maybe a setting that allows a league to only play games once every two weeks. Maybe a setting that awards random draft picks during the draft, or rearranges the order every round. The possibilities with fantasy football are virtually endless!

League Settings

We've all seen the same old fantasy football everywhere. League bylaws and rules should be made effective through tools in the websites coding rather than just word of mouth. This would make league bylaws more effective, especially making it easier to combat managers working together.

The Draft

The draft has so many unique ways of being played. It would be fun to see more types of unique drafts. We've already suggested some in the opening paragraph, but the possibilities are endless! It nearly impossible to think of anything that could make such a fun pastime even more enjoyable!

Dedication to the Fantasy Game

Since fantasy football takes place over an extended period of time, viewers at home need to fully participate in order to be eligible to win. It can be challenging to keep up with your players during a given game, but it's necessary in order to mark down your correct points.

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