Fantasy Football Tournament Types

What are the types of tournaments in fantasy football?

There are a few different types of tournaments for daily fantasy football. Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) being the most popular. Along with GPP, there are also multipliers, single entry tournaments, 50/50 tournaments, and pick em, among others. They all have different rules and regulations that separate them from the other tournament formats in daily fantasy football.


The most popular of the daily fantasy formats, guaranteed prize pools are pools that you enter and the prize money given when you win is guaranteed to the winner, even if the pool entered does not completely fill up. The way GPPs pay the participants is different from that of a cash pool. Guaranteed prize pools give money out to a percentage of the pool (ex. 15% of the pool gets a prize). The strategy with GPPs lies in figuring out how to properly utilize the budget you are given to choose the players.

Single Entry

A tournament type that is trending upwards in popularity is single entry fantasy football. In single entry tournaments, every participant is allowed one entry per tournament. The number of participants is much higher than most other pools. Single entry pools have similar formats to other fantasy football tournaments, with single entry tourneys allowing for bigger paydays.