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Fantasy Football Top Websites

Standard Fantasy Football

The most popular fantasy football websites are competing every year for the most users. Here is a list of the current most popular fantasy websites:

  • Yahoo! Fantasy
  • ESPN.com
  • NFL.com
  • CBS Sports Fantasy

Yahoo! Fantasy is the most popular fantasy website, followed by ESPN.com and NFL.com. The aspect that sets these websites apart from the competition is their easy to read overlay. Yahoo! Fantasy is very popular due to how easy it is to jump in and play. ESPN.com and NFL.com are a little harder to read and require some more experience, but their in-depth player analysis and weekly fantasy shows make them very popular.

Once a league is started on each website, it will archive past year's data, which makes people less likely to switch.

Pros of Yahoo! Fantasy

Yahoo! Fantasy is the most popular fantasy website. It's very accessible to new players with in-depth tutorials for every section of the web page. It's very easy to get started on Yahoo! Fantasy and simple to get connected with others who want to play just as much as you do!

Yahoo! Fantasy also has a very simple overlay that is easy to read. Drafting, the trade block, and even the waiver wire are very easy to find and maneuver with the simple overlay that takes place over just a few screens.

Pros of ESPN.com Fantasy

ESPN.com Fantasy is less popular due to being less accessible by new players. It's made more for experienced players of fantasy football. Because of this, the overlay can sometimes be hard to navigate if you don't know what you're looking for. The upside of this is that everything on ESPN.com Fantasy is very customizable. There are a multitude of different league types and custom settings that can be set that you wouldn't be able to find on any other websites.

Another plus to ESPN.com Fantasy is how in-depth their analysis shows and statistics pages are. Since the website is made for sports fans, the amount of statistics on the website is endless. It's possible to go back years at a time to find stats on a player who is no longer in the NFL.

Daily Fantasy

There are some fantasy football websites that are popular because of the ability to make money while playing. The websites listed above have aspects of 'cash games' on their sites, but listed below are websites that prioritize this over anything else.

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel

These websites offer year-long fantasy but are known for their daily content

DraftKings and FanDuel have come under scrutiny as to whether they are gambling or not, and are therefore not always legal in every state.