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Fantasy Football Tilt

What is a Tilt in Fantasy Football?

A tilt is a phrase used to describe when a fantasy football team owner is making bad decisions around his lineup and bankroll, usually leading to losses in games. These poor decisions are not caused by a lack of ability or knowledge in football, but by frustration or momentary confusion.

Origin of 'Tilt'

Before the term was applied to fantasy football, tilt was a term used by poker players and fans. The term has an almost identical meaning in poker, referring to a player making a bad move or decision because of momentary frustration. The transition of the term from poker to fantasy football was simple, since both competitions include gambling and quick decision making.

Causes and Effects of Tilt

Tilt can be caused by frustration, stress, or confusion, all of which can lead to poor lineup or bankroll decisions. These decisions can lead to unusual losses in games, which often lead to drastic lineup changes that would otherwise not be made. Players experiencing tilt will often change their strategy completely, throwing out whatever planning they did previously. This tilt can lead to a downward spiral for a competitor's fantasy season, so it is best to try to avoid it.

Preventing Tilt

The best way to prevent tilt is by planning in advance for the season. By sticking to a game plan, understanding that losses may happen, and not acting drastically to them, your team can stay on track and you can avoid a disastrous season!