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Fantasy Football Team Defense

What is team defense in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use team defense when playing FF.

What is Team Defense in Fantasy Football?

Team defense is one of the roster positions for a fantasy football team. Owners will typically have one or two defenses on their team, a starting unit and then one to use during the bye week or if they have a more favorable matchup.

If a league does not have many members, and thus the free agency pool has many defenses available, a player might pick up a different defense every week purely based on matchup.


Defenses are not usually the high scorers on a fantasy team, but are an important source of points and can even lose your team points if they do especially poorly.

Defenses will earn 1 point for every sack, 2 points for each fumble recovery, interception, and safety, and 6 points for a defensive touchdown. Special teams is also covered by defenses in fantasy football, so a return touchdown earns 6 points as well.

Defenses earn points for how many points they allow, with 10 points being the benchmark for most websites for a shutout. As more points are allowed, this number will dwindle, with no points being rewarded if around 21-27 points are scored and then points being taken away if the number gets even higher. Some leagues have a similar points system for yards allowed as well.

Team defenses are features in most fantasy football leagues, however, people may choose to use independent defensive players instead, getting points for individual player contribution rather than a whole team.

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