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Fantasy Football Survivor Tournament

Table of Contents

What is a Survivor Tournament in Fantasy Football?

A survivor tournament is a fantasy football game that is hosted by any number of websites. It is a contest in which a certain amount of points must be scored to advance to the next stage.

To compete in one, you need to pick a lineup and submit it. The scoring works the same as head to head fantasy football. If your lineup does well enough in that week of NFL games, then you will advance to the next round. Only a certain amount of people get to advance to the next round, and the percentage of people that do is decided ahead of time by the website hosting the tournament. The goal is to continue advancing through as many rounds necessary to get to the final or championship round. You can keep updating and changing your lineup after every single round.

There can be more than one winner in these tournaments so the main goal is making it to the final round. The final day or round guarantees money to everyone still left, with more money to higher finishers.

How to Join a Survivor Tournament

Survivor tournaments are run by online websites. It is pretty simple and easy to join one if you're interested! All you need to do is look up fantasy football survivor tournament and there will be many different options to choose from.

Nearly all survivor tournaments require a buy in or entry fee. The fee is paid for every entry or lineup you submit.

Tips to Winning a Survivor Tournament

It is important that while playing in a survivor tournament that you do not get intimidated by the different format. The scoring works the same as any league you would play in, so pick the best players you can! Looking up the rankings of players to further familiarize yourself is also a great idea.

Changing or updating your lineup is also a good way to give yourself an edge. If you forget about the tournament and start a team full of injured players, then you won't have much of a chance of winning!

Another strategy is to put in more entries; the more entries you have in the tournament, the higher chance you have of advancing and ultimately winning. However, it must be noted this costs more money and increases the risk of losing money.


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