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Fantasy Football Start Or Sit

What is start or sit in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use start or sit when playing FF.

What is Start or Sit in Fantasy Football?

A huge part of fantasy football strategy is deciding who to put in the starting lineup for the week, and who to leave on the bench. Start or sit refers to the decision making process of selecting which players to put in your starting lineup. General managers often must make decisions between two players of the same position if only one can fit in the lineup.

Each player only plays one game per week in fantasy football, which means general managers only have to set their lineup once per week.

PRO TIP: Even though you are only required to check your lineup once per week, it is a good idea to check that players are still set to start on game day. Many players will be pulled out of their team's lineup at the last minute because of illness or injury.

Factors To Consider

When you have one roster spot for two solid players, there are many factors to consider:

  • Which player has gotten more points for you throughout the season?
  • How many points are they projected for?
  • How good is the defense that each player is facing?
  • Were they recently injured?
  • Are there any lineup changes on the players' NFL teams that could affect the players' playing time?
  • How many points does your team need to score? Is it worth going for a "boom or bust" player or just a more reliable player?

If you are still not sure which player to start, there are many websites that can help you decide which player is the better choice. Websites like Fantasypros let you enter multiple players, and gives you a comparison and a recommendation about who to play. Similar websites include Fantasy SP and The Fantasy Footballers.

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