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Fantasy Football Stars, Scrubs, And Studs

What is stars, scrubs, and studs in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use stars, scrubs, and studs when playing FF.

What is stars, scrubs, and studs in fantasy football?

There are many terms used to describe the players drafted in Fantasy Football, since both the participants and the talent range of the players are both diverse. Let's learn about three of them; stars, scrubs, and studs!


In Fantasy Football, 'stars' are players who are extremely popular within the league, often having high name recognition and high salaries because of it. These players have had great seasons in the past and bring in high amounts of points each season, making their salaries high and their draft positions typically near the top. Stars are safer picks to make, but they can add a lot to your roster. These are players like Aaron Rodgers or Julio Jones.


'Scrubs' are players you draft for your team when you do not have much money left for salary payments, but you need to fill spots on your roster. These are players who do not bring in a lot of points, do not cost a lot of money, and are not extremely recognizable. These players balance out the stars on the roster and are often chosen toward the end of the draft.


'Studs' are players who bring in a high amount of points each week. These players become highly coveted, typically have high salaries, and can help your team win games! Some players are projected to be studs before the season begins, and they may or may not actually maintain that status during the season. They do not have the same name recognition as the stars, but can be just as good or better for your roster.

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