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Fantasy Football Standard Scoring

What is standard scoring in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use standard scoring when playing FF.

What is Standard Scoring in Fantasy Football?

Standard scoring is a way of describing the most basic form of fantasy football scoring. It is the universal way a league decides how players score points, and how much those points are. In simplistic terms, there are no weird scoring rules added to the league and the point values will be similar across all leagues. However, every fantasy football league may have their own variation of standard scoring with some values changed.

Point Values

Below is an example of some standard scoring point values.

Play Type

Point Value

Receiving/rushing touchdown


Passing touchdown


Receiving/rushing 10 yards


Passing 25 yards




Extra point


Field goal (39 yards or less)


Field goal (40-49 yards)


Field goal (50-59 yards)


Field goal (60+ yards)


Two point conversion


Missed field goal


Variations of Standard Scoring

PPR (half point, full point)

PPR scoring is very similar to standard scoring other than the addition of points added per every reception. That number could be a full point or half a point depending on the league you are in.


IDP or individual defensive performance adds in points for defensive players. In most leagues, only offensive players can be drafted and have their totals counted, but in these types of leagues defensive players are thrown into the mix. New values are assigned for actions such as tackles, interceptions, fumbles, and sacks.

How League Scoring is Decided Upon

The league commissioner decides how much each action in football is worth. Every website has the option to just use their standard scoring, but the league commissioner may also tweak the values.

How it Affects League Play

The scoring of a league largely impacts its play and the strategy that is involved. Leagues with increased point values for running backs will have more running backs drafted.

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