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Fantasy Football Standard League

Table of Contents

What is standard league in fantasy football?

A standard league is the most popular and basic form of fantasy football. The rules are standardized across all platforms as well as the scoring values, making it easy for a player to switch between different standard leagues each year. Think of a standard league as a league that is considered the original or vanilla version of fantasy football. Offensive players only score points for yardage and touchdowns.

Typical Scoring

The standard league is known for its basic scoring system, below is a chart that has fantasy point values for each scoring action.

ActionPoint Value
Touchdown (Rushing/Receiving)6
Touchdown (Passing)4
10 yards (Rushing/Receiving)1
25 yards (Passing)1
Field Goal (0-39 yards)3
Field Goal (40-49 yards)4
Field Goal (50-59)5
Field Goal (60+)6
Defense/Special Teams Touchdown6

How many players do you start in your lineup?

In a standard league you will start nine players every week. Those nine players are:

Along with the nine starters you will have a certain amount of bench players (depending on your league).

What is the difference in comparison to other fantasy league types?

There are three main fantasy football league scoring types: standard, point per reception (PPR), and individual defensive players (IDP). Each offers a different way to play fantasy football. Below we're going to compare a ppr league and idp league to the standard league.


Of the two other league types, the points per reception league is most comparable to a standard league. All scoring point values remain the same other than the introduction of receptions as a point getting action. An additional point is added for every catch a receiver makes. It is a small change however the league does become slightly more complicated as someone who is used to a standard league will need to adjust their strategy.


IDP leagues are far different from standard leagues. The inclusion of defensive players contrasts against standard leagues' offensive player only arrangement. IDP leagues are usually much more difficult due to having to manage and keep track of twice as many players. These leagues are usually only played by fantasy football experts.

Should you join a standard league?

Standard leagues are an excellent place to begin your experience with fantasy football. They aren't as complicated as the leagues discussed above (IDP and PPR) and have less going on to worry about.


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