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Fantasy Football Sleeper

What is sleeper in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use sleeper when playing FF.

What is a Sleeper in Fantasy Football?

A fantasy football sleeper is a player who nobody really pays attention to, but winds up having a very good season, especially given how low expectations may have been before the season. The term sleeper typically refers to players in the draft before the season begins. However, it can apply to players that are free agents during the season.


Draft day sleepers are some of the most important players you will come across during the season. Typically, it's a player that nobody has on their radar because they do not expect them to be relevant. You'll find that players with little track record in the NFL fall into this category, as well as younger players who have yet to have their opportunity to shine. And, as it pertains to your league's draft, sleepers are usually taken in the later rounds.

PRO TIP: Not every player that is being overlooked is considered a "sleeper" pick. You need to do your research in order to find true sleeper picks. And, while a sleeper pick can make your season, it can also break it. You should not depend on a sleeper pick to help carry some of the load for your fantasy football team.

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