Fantasy Football Shark

What is a Shark in Fantasy Football?

A shark in fantasy football is someone who is an outstanding defensive player who performs well against fish, typically taking advantage of their disinterest or inactivity. Sharks are predators that easily defeat fish in their leagues, betting a lot more money and taking their leagues much more seriously.

What Makes a Player a Shark?

Most often, fantasy football sharks will be players who have a lot of experience participating in leagues and winning money from them. They will be extremely aggressive, especially when competing in games against fish, and constantly putting time and effort into making their team as strong as possible each week.

Many people may believe they are sharks from the amount of work they put into their team each week. But the real fantasy football sharks are the players putting in extremely large amounts of money with the hope to make even more by the end, who have higher stakes than most other players.

Fantasy Football Fish

To better understand what sharks are in fantasy football, we have to learn what fish are! Fish are participants who compete mostly for fun, not looking to make a huge amount of money. They do not tend to their lineup as often as sharks, do not have extremely detailed plans or strategies, and have not participated for as long. A fish will not mind paying a few dollars to play in a league each year, even though they do not intend on making much money!

Making Money as a Shark

While every almost shark has the intention of making money from their league, few actually do. With many paid-leagues having hundreds of participants, only a small percentage of players earn any money, and even less earn a large sum of money or a return on the fees they invested into the game. Players should be aware of this before intending on being their league's newest shark.