Fantasy Football Serpentine Draft

Serpentine/Snake Draft

A serpentine draft or snake draft is a draft type in which the draft order is reversed every round.

There are two standard draft types in fantasy football: the linear draft and the serpentine/snake draft. These draft types are the most common in fantasy football and they usually don't take very long. In a linear draft, a draft order is assigned randomly and the draft begins. The order will remain the same for every round of the draft. In a serpentine/snake draft, a random order is assigned and the order is flipped every round. For example, if you draft first in the first round, you'll draft last in the second round, and then first again in the third round.

Standard Draft Strategy

There is still plenty of draft strategy in a serpentine draft, especially in a points per reception league. The big question is whether to stack up on running back or wide receiver, and this is dependent on both draft pick and the current makeup of the league. If the league is deep in wide receivers, picking two receivers late in the first and early in the second is usually a good strategy. Picking at the back of the first round also gives you a chance to see what trends people are doing and allows you to set your own draft trends in the even rounds.

Most people agree that the best place to pick in a serpentine/snake draft is the center of every round. This gives you the best collection and variety of talent. This is because you are not able to take two similar skilled players back to back as you would if you picked at the beginning or end of rounds. Thus, picking in the center gives you the best variety of picks in order to craft your team.

A good question in snake drafts comes with selecting a quarterback. Taking quarterbacks or leaving them on the table can be risky business in this kind of draft due to the sometimes long periods of time in between picking. If a run on quarterback starts and you do not have a nearby pick, it may be a long night!