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Fantasy Football Scoring Types And Formats

What is scoring types and formats in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use scoring types and formats when playing FF.


Fantasy football has many different types of scoring types and formats. This tutorial will help you to distinguish between them and decide which scoring format fits your league the best. Because of the uniqueness of some of the variant point systems in fantasy football, it is very important to know what point system your league is using before the draft begins.

Basic Scoring

Basic scoring is a scoring system in which the starters on a fantasy football team earn fantasy points for the team for performing actions (receiving/rushing yards, touchdowns, field goals, etc.).

Standard League

A standard league is a league type in which players only score points for yardage and touchdowns. Team defense scores points based on turnovers and points allowed, while kickers score points based on the length of the field goals they kick and or miss.

The goal each week in fantasy football is to outscore your opponent in fantasy points. Players in fantasy football are usually ranked by how many fantasy points they score each week and how many points they are supposed to score. The most standard scoring system involves awarding six points for touchdowns (rushing, receiving, and defensive), four points for passing touchdowns, and minus two (-2) for fumbles and interceptions (for offensive players). Players also receive one fantasy point for every ten yards they rush/ receive while quarterbacks receive 1 point for every 25 yards they throw for.

The most important thing to note about the standard scoring system is knowing which positions score what kind of points. The quarterback can gain points by throwing, rushing, receiving, and any kind of touchdown involving them.

Points Per Reception (PPR)

Points per reception is a scoring system in which players earn points just like in a standard league; however, they also receive points for each reception they make during a game. For example, if a receiver had 100 yards receiving on five receptions in a standard league, they would receive points for the receiving yards as well as the five points for each reception they made.

The most common variant point system in fantasy football is full ppr. It is often dominated by teams that draft elite wide receivers early in the draft.

Half Point PPR

Half point PPR is a scoring system in which players are awarded one half (.5) fantasy point per reception.

Performance Scoring (Bonus Scoring)

Performance scoring is a scoring system in which players are awarded bonus points for reaching certain milestones. For example, if a player were to reach one hundred yards rushing, or one hundred yards passing, they would receive a number of bonus points that is decided by the league's commissioner.

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