Fantasy Football Running Back By Committee

Fantasy Football Running Back by Committee

Fantasy football owners must not only be conscious of their player’s projected individual performance, but also their competition for playing time. Read on to learn about the running back by committee, which is a common strategy employed by NFL teams.

Running Back by Committee

Running back by committee is a popular strategy in which teams use two running backs, giving each a fairly equal share of playing time. This approach is often referred to as a “committee” due to the fact that there is no clear-cut lead running back being guaranteed a vast majority of the snaps.

Why Do Teams Use a Committee?

A committee can be a great way to catch opposing defenses off guard. One of the running backs is generally a “bruiser,” who is a strong running back that can be relied upon to gain yards up the middle on early downs. The other running back is usually a “speedster,” excelling at running towards the outside of the field and catching passes on third downs or other obvious passing situations. The contrast in styles between the two running backs forces the defense to make constant adjustments in order to account for both power and tremendous speed within the same offensive drive.

Fantasy Implications

Running back by committee, while beneficial in real-life, negatively impacts each running back’s fantasy value. Since each back is not getting nearly as many touches as a running back that dominates nearly all of the playing time, the potential for lots of fantasy points is generally much lower on a weekly basis. Thus, starting a running back on a team that has a running back by committee tends to be a situation that fantasy owners avoid at all costs.


What is running back by committee in fantasy football?

A running back by committee (RBBC) is a strategy employed by football teams in which more than one running back shares a relatively similar percentage of carries. Many teams in the NFL employ more than one running back who usually have different strengths and weaknesses. While this is an effective strategy in real life, fantasy football owners should stray away from players who play for a team employing a running back by committee due to the inevitable sharing of points.

Are running backs valuable in fantasy football?

Running backs are very valuable, because yardage is one of the key ways to score points in fantasy football. In PPR leagues, pass-catching running backs are even more valuable, sometimes as valuable as even some quarterbacks, because additional points are given for each reception that a player makes.

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