Fantasy Football Quarterback By Committee

What is Quarterback by Committee in Fantasy Football?

Quarterback by committee is a strategy that a fantasy football team may employ. Rather than targeting an elite quarterback such as Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers, this strategy means leaning on several different options at quarterback. General managers draft a quarterback late in the draft, and either draft another quarterback or add one or more from free agency. Then, the general manager keeps whichever quarterback is playing the best in the lineup.

Why Use the Quarterback by Committee Strategy?

Holding off to draft a quarterback allows a general manager to fill in the other positions with top players. This is a big advantage, as there are many strong quarterbacks that produce a lot of fantasy points, whereas there are a small amount of effective running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends.

The quarterback by committee strategy also is beneficial for finding diamonds in the rough, players who surpass their statistical expectations. Quarterbacks drafted in the late rounds often perform above expectations, and can be just as good as a quarterback picked in the first few rounds.