Fantasy Football Qualifier

What is a Qualifier in Fantasy Football?

A qualifier is a contest or tournament in which the winners or top percentage of players gain entry into another contest with a larger prize pool.

What is a Qualifier Like?

Qualifiers are hardcore, highly competitive tournaments. Contestants must pay a high buy in fee, and only the very top percentage of players win any prizes. The competition is structured this way because the prize is advancing to a higher tournament, not money prizes.

How do you join a Fantasy Football Qualifier Tournament?

Don't worry, although the term qualifier sounds pretty exclusive; anyone can join! Joining a fantasy football qualifier tournament is actually pretty simple, and we'll go through the steps real quick.

Find a Website

There are many different sites where you can join a qualifier tournament. Each one has different rules and payouts, so look at those and see which you would prefer to play.

Do Some Research on Players

You don't want to enter this tournament, and pay money when you have no idea what you're doing! Take a couple of minutes to read up on some fantasy players for the week. If you are new to fantasy football, a good idea would be to start by reading what one of many experts have to say.

Set a Lineup

Once you've got a good understanding of who you can pick, it's time to set your lineup. Picking a lineup takes a little more thought in this type of tournament than it normally would in DFS. Due to the top-heavy tournament prize structure, less than a fifth of players will win anything at all. You'll need to set your lineup apart from everyone else. Don't draft a full team of superstars, as you'll usually end up in the middle of the pack because this is what everyone else is picking. Instead, try to pick players that won't be picked by many people but still have a chance of doing well.

How to Win Money in a Fantasy Football Qualifier Tournament

It should be noted that these tournaments are not a stable way to make money. Although the top 20 percent win a prize, the top prizes in qualifier tournaments are actually a ticket to fly out to the next stage of the tournament. So while there is some money to be made, the real money is made by qualifying for the next tournament (Championship Tournament). In the Championship Tournament grand prizes can be upwards to a million dollars.