Fantasy Football Punters

Fantasy Football Punter

In fantasy football, the 'punter' is the player that kicks the ball away to the opposing team when the offense fails to get a first down. While punter is generally not a position that is included in fantasy football, league commissioners can elect to change their league's settings to include punters.

Fantasy Football Punter Scoring

The scoring system for punters is outlined below:

  • 0.2 points each for punt attempts
  • 2 points for an AYP of 35-39.99
  • 6 points for an AYP of 40-44.99 yards
  • 8 points for an AYP of 45-49.99 yards
  • 12 points for an AYP of 50+ yards
  • 2 points each for punts that land inside the opposing team's 20 yard line
  • -5 points each for blocked punts

AYP = average yards per punt, which is the average distance traveled of the player's total punts throughout the game

Punter Draft Strategies

Since solid, consistent punters are much more common than reliable fantasy performers at 'skill positions' (quarterback, running back wide receiver), it is best to wait until the later rounds of the draft to select a punter.

One important strategy when deciding which punter to draft is to examine the offense of the team the punter is a member of. The NFL's best offenses tend to score touchdowns or field goals on most of their possessions, negating the need for a punt. Therefore, the best fantasy football punters tend to reside on teams that have difficulty gaining yards and find themselves kicking the ball away to the opposing team rather frequently.

Why Include Punters?

Including the punter position can be a fun way to switch things up when it comes to fantasy football. It gives team owners who might not be adept at drafting other positions (i.e. running back, wide receiver) a chance to even the score. Including punters in fantasy leagues also adds excitement to an otherwise boring portion of real-life games, giving fantasy managers a reason to celebrate a strong punt.


Can you include punters in fantasy football rosters?

Yes! To include punters as part of your fantasy football roster, ask your commissioner to edit the settings of the leagues to allow punters to be drafted.

Why aren't punters included on fantasy football rosters?

Though they can be, punters are generally not included on fantasy football rosters. There is no singular reason for this, but it is most likely because punters are generally very consistent each week. Punters are typically always performing at the same level, so they would not provide a diverse amount of points for teams each week.

How do I add punters to my fantasy football roster?

In order to add punters, your commissioner will have to go to your league's settings and allow for punters to be drafted. The exact method of doing this varies based on the platform you are using, but is generally allowed on most sites.