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What is probable in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use probable when playing FF.

What is Probable in Fantasy Football?

A player who is listed as probable in fantasy football will most likely start in their game, but they are not guaranteed to do so. Players could be listed as probable for many reasons:

  • Minor injury
  • Still recovering from major injury
  • Illness
  • Another player might start in their place

Players can be listed as starting, probable, questionable, not starting, or injured. Questionable is the most ambiguous designation, whereas probable implies that there is a good chance the player will play.

If the player is probable, they may also be described as a game time decision. This means whether or not the player plays will be decided right before the game starts.

What to Do If a Player is Probable

If you have a player listed as probable, he is most likely going to play. However, it is a big disadvantage if one of your starting lineup spots is taken up by a player who doesn't end up touching the field. There are choices you can make to ensure you always have a full lineup ready to go.

If the probable player is a game time decision, it is important to check if they are playing right before their game starts. It is a good idea to have a backup player ready to go in this case. If your probable player isn't starting, it's up to your backup!

If you have two players who you are considering for one roster spot and one of them is listed as probable, you should put the other one in the starting lineup spot. If the player switches from probable to starting, you can substitute him back in.

You can tell a player is listed as probable because of a small red "P" next to their position.

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