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Fantasy Football Private League

What is private league in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use private league when playing FF.

What is a Private League in Fantasy Football?

A private league in fantasy is a league that cannot be joined by any member of the general public. In order to join, players must receive an invite from the commissioner of the league prior to draft day. Private leagues can be free or for money. In order to join a "money league," players pay an amount set by the commissioner to the league provider (Yahoo, ESPN, or to the commissioner, with players that finish in the top three at season's end receiving a payout. Contrary to public leagues, private leagues are not available for anyone to join and are limited to a group of friends or colleagues that need a password to join. Private leagues are best suited for a large group of fantasy football players that are already acquainted with one another.

Private League Settings

While the commissioner may opt for the same standard scoring system used in public leagues, private leagues tend to have many variations in terms of scoring rules. The commissioner has the freedom to create the league with custom settings, which are usually agreed upon by the other members of the league prior to joining. Common deviances from standard scoring include half a point per catch (as opposed to the traditional 1 point awarded per catch) and 4 points for each passing touchdown rather than 6 points.

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